There are so many ways to celebrate Christmas. In our house, we have a small mailbox that Santa uses to leave small gifts in every day of December. It's kind of like an advent calendar just a different format. My daughter loves to wake up and run down the hall to see what is there for her.

We also magically have matching pajamas delivered each year in a special night before Christmas box that appears out of nowhere under the Christmas tree. The funny thing about this tradition is that since my daughter is still growing, she grows out of the pajamas. However, I am not growing, so I have a drawer full of my half of the matching pajamas. At least I won't run out of pajamas anytime soon.

Christmas Decorations
I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas. There's something about the warm glow from the lights on the tree that just make you feel good. I'm sure it's the many years of good Christmas memories from both my own childhood and now my daughter's experience. Something I added to our holiday decorations this year was our new Merry & Bright Pillow Cover and our Let It Snow Pillow Cover.

These pillow covers add some color to our sofa and they're snugly soft.

What traditions does your family have?

November 28, 2021 — Cassia Jones

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