Who Is Nibble Nibble Crunch?
Nibble Nibble Crunch is a family-owned, premium gift company focused on celebrating the important moments in our lives. We offer unique, whimsical products for a multitude of holidays and occasions. Our goal is to ensure that your gift giving experience is delightful and that the gift recipient is left with a smile on their face.

How do I return an item?
Please see our Return Policy for details on returning items.

Where Do Your Products Come From?
Most of our products are uniquely designed by Nibble Nibble Crunch with a few offerings from select partner creators. We manufacture some products ourselves while others are manufactured by partner companies (for example, our stickers are designed in-house but printed in Arizona). We look for products you can't get on the big sites (rhymes with mamazon or marget) because we want your overall gift giving experience to be special. We hope the recipient loves what you give them and knows it's not something they could easily find themselves.